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Abelard Foundation-East
March 15, 2023

The Abelard Foundation is a family foundation, with offices on both the east and west coasts, which has been making grants in support of progressive social change since 1958. Abelard Foundation-East (Abelard East) focuses its grantmaking on projects operating east of the Mississippi River.

Abelard East is committed to supporting local progressive social change activities that expand and protect civil liberties and civil and human rights, and promote and strengthen community involvement in, and control over, the decisions that affect their lives. They do not focus on any issues in particular, e.g. housing, health, the environment, or education, etc. Grantees are involved in a broad range of issues which involve the question of civil and human rights. Most grants are for general operating support.

Eligible applicants must represent or be associated with a nonprofit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. The Foundation gives priority to projects that are in their first years of development and have budgets less than $300,000. Applicants to Abelard East must be located east of the Mississippi.

Foundation Community Partnership
April 1, 2023

Foundations Community Partnership (FCP) is now accepting applications for its Bucks Innovation & Improvement (BIIG) and Capital Improvement (CAP) spring grant cycles. Eligible nonprofits can submit a Letter of Inquiry by April 1, 2023, through FCP’s web site.

“Nonprofits are an essential component in delivering essential services to the most vulnerable people in our communities,” said Abigail Halloran, Chair of FCP’s Board of Directors. “Supporting innovative ideas and impactful programs has been at the core of our grantmaking since 2007.”

Annually, BIIG and CAP grant cycles offer $200,000 in support for innovative programs and services as well as structural facility improvements and technology upgrades that will have a positive impact on Bucks County’s children, young adults, and families.

For more information about these grant opportunities, visit Last fall, FCP’s Board of Directors awarded 10 BIIG and eight CAP grants. Collectively, these 18 non-profit recipients served 7,724 Bucks County residents by expanding services and infrastructure.

Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation

April 1, 2023

The Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation makes grants exclusively in the Greater Philadelphia area across a wide range of program areas.

Funding is intended for the initiation or support of experimental or demonstrational projects; seed money projects; projects that can reasonably be expected to be accomplished by a single grant in a relatively brief period of time; or emergency grants to an agency or particular project of an agency. Emergency grants are rarely made and, once made, will disqualify the agency from receiving any additional funding for the succeeding three years.

Previous grants were used to fund arts education programs for disadvantaged and homeless children; school outreach programs; educational programming; after-school youth development programs; and music, art, and dance programs for children and youth. Other funding has been made for environmental education programs, community garden/food programs, zoological programs, health education, human services, and more.

Applications are accepted twice annually, with April 1 and October 1 deadlines.

SWEP Greater Philadelphia

April 7, 2023 

SWEP Greater Philadelphia is accepting grant applications to fund organizations or programs that creatively address a locally defined need to create, enhance, restore, or protect the natural environment or to provide environmental awareness through educational sessions with particular emphasis on encouraging girls and/or women in the sciences, engineering, or environmental fields. SWEP presents these grants to encourage girls and/or women in the sciences, engineering, or environmental fields.

All applicants and projects sponsored by the SWEP of Greater Philadelphia Grant Program must be located within the SWEP of Greater Philadelphia jurisdiction.  This area includes, specifically, the City of Philadelphia; Berks County; Bucks County; Chester County; Delaware County; and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, New Castle County in Delaware and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem Counties in New Jersey.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for the SWEP of Greater Philadelphia Grant, applicant organizations must fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Non-profit organization – such as YMCA, City Year, etc. (these organizations must provide documentation of non-profit status).
  • School/Academia – such as a day care center, elementary through high school, Parent-Teacher Association, college or university, fraternity or sorority.
  • Resident – such as a resident or group of neighbors who desire to improve public property, or individuals who have opened their private property to the public.
  • Youth group- such as Boys & Girls Club, Campfire Boys & Girls, Girl Scouts, etc.

Eligible Projects

SWEP of Greater Philadelphia Grant funding is available for community environmental projects fitting one or more of the following categories:

  • Environmental awareness, environmental education, outreach.
  • Programs fostering girls’ involvement in the sciences or environmental engineering.
  • Surface water quality improvement or protection, watershed stewardship.
  • Reduction of solid and/or hazardous waste, recycling, waste reuse.
  • Litter and/or graffiti removal; litter cleanups.
  • Habitat creation, improvement, restoration, and/or protection.
  • Sustainable resources, energy conservation, water conservation.
  • Open space creation, cleanup, improvement, and/or protection.
  • Protection of native species, endangered species, and/or exceptional value habitats.

Many different types of projects will be considered; however, preference will be given to projects related to local environmental issues, projects involving women’s and/or girl’s organizations, and projects fostering the involvement of women and/or girls in environmental issues, the sciences, or engineering.

TD Foundation

April 28, 2023

TD Charitable Foundation supports and helps the communities it serves. The foundation partners with area nonprofit and public institutions to create meaningful change and improvement in communities.

The foundation focuses on the following areas of giving:

Financial Security

  • Early Learning: Provide programs that improve reading and math abilities in children Grades K – 6th
  • Income Stability: Create and prepare people who are in their midcareer for the jobs of tomorrow by investing in training, entrepreneurship and small business.
  • Financial Literacy: Increase financial literacy in a digital age.
  • Affordable Housing: Increase access to and supply of affordable housing by providing, building and/or refurbishing affordable housing units

Vibrant Planet

  • Green space: Enhance and activate green spaces to build stronger communities.
  • Low-carbon Economy: Target $100 billion (CDN) by 2030 to support the low carbon economy.

Connected Communities

  • Shared experiences: Increase opportunities to participate in events and activities that bring diverse people together
  • Arts & Culture: Support and create dialogues in art and culture that are reflective of all voices.
  • Local Needs: Help groups vulnerable to social isolation build connections in their community

Better Health

  • Innovative Solutions: Innovative Solutions: Improve access to care for all via programs that focus on early detection and intervention, aimed at reducing the development and severity of chronic diseases

Applications are only accepted from nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, public schools, and qualified state or local governmental entities.

2023 Deadlines

April 28
June 30
August 25
October 27

Foundation for Financial Planning

April 30, 2023

The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) provides annual grants to community-based and national nonprofit organizations for programs linking volunteer financial planners to people in need. Eligible programs must engage Certified Financial Planner™ professionals as volunteers, include one-on-one engagements between financial planner volunteers and pro bono clients, and help people in need of financial guidance or in a financial crisis who are underserved by the market and couldn’t ordinarily access quality, ethical advice. U.S.-based nonprofits that share FFP’s commitment to helping underserved people achieve better financial stability and capability are eligible to apply.

Grants generally range from $5,000 to $40,000. The application deadline is April 30, 2023.

Visit the FFP website to access the online application portal.