Strategic Consulting 


Strategic Planning

Whether you are looking for pre-planning support, plan facilitation, or a comprehensive planning document, our practical experience and focused approach can help guide your organization toward your desired result.  We partner with executives and boards to achieve clarity, direction and alignment of resources to meet the goals of your plan.

Board Governance

We believe that strong organizations must be built upon a strong foundation.  Understanding and implementing the basics of Good Governance will provide a substantial return on the investment of time and energy toward this process.  Keep an eye out for our Board Boot Camp training programs to strengthen your board.

Facilitated Board Retreats

Assistance with developing a realistic and smart agenda to keep the meeting or retreat on point.  Our skilled facilitators will continually monitor the pulse of the room to encourage participation for a productive dialogue.

Executive Search

The hiring of your executive director or CEO is arguably the most important decision your organization will make.  As you board’s partner, we provide assistance assembling an organized and effective search committee to drive your recruitment process.  We offer support analyzing the current needs of the organization, drafting the position profile, posting the position and screening of candidates.  We are also able to guide your committee through the interview process.

Merger/Acquisition Exploration

A merger or acquisition is much more than a business transaction.  The most difficult work of a nonprofit merger occurs in the beginning.  Building trust, aligning strategic visions and examining cultures lays the groundwork for the process.  Without first exploring these key areas, discussions can break-down and fail.   Our experts are able to guide the partners through supported facilitation and into the financial due diligence phase.  Working with other legal professionals, we can see your project through to implementation.

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