Pinnacle Mastermind Group

The Pinnacle Group

Achieve excellence through goal setting, accountability, peer coaching, and support. The Pinnacle Group is structured so members can achieve success as nonprofit leaders through the wisdom and counsel of their peers. “Success” is defined by each member.

Membership: President/CEO of not-for-profit organizations, with budgets of at least $1million.
Time Commitment: 2+ hours per month; 12 months
When:  Current groups are 1st Tuesday of the month (8:30 am) or 1st Wednesday of the month 9:00 am)
Location: Varies depending on group
Group size: 7-10
Start: Ongoing group
Membership Fee: $99/month billed quarterly ($1,188/year)

Purpose of the Mastermind Group

Some objectives of the group include:

  • Sharing goals, success stories and obstacles to moving forward
  • Offering support and encouragement
  • Mutual growth of mind and spirit in an atmosphere of total trust
  • Holding each other accountable for achieving the goals set
  • Offering knowledge and advice, as well as perspective
  • Sharing best practices
  • Brainstorm pros and cons to possible business solutions

Role of the Catalyst Center

  1. Provide best practices and cutting edge resources, ie: articles, videos, case-studies
  2. Facilitate the group overall
  3. Make sure participants set action steps that move them in the desired direction
  4. Facilitate the group discussion so that peers can help with obstacles in reaching action items

Participant Involvement

  1. Actively participate, contribute, and occasionally lead group discussion
  2. Challenge self to accelerate professional achievement
  3. Provoke peer solutions by offering insight, advice, and accountability

For More Information
Contact Liz Vibber, or 215-343-2727