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Irvin Stern Foundation
Deadline: December 31, 2019

The Irvin Stern Foundation makes grants for projects and organizations that serve lower income, disadvantaged communities in the areas of human services, civic affairs, mental health outreach, education and Jewish welfare.

Grant requests should be in one or more of the following areas:

Human Services – Aiding the underserved, poor, and disadvantaged via innovative programs in social services, physical and mental health outreach, and education.

Civic Affairs – Helping to improve the quality of life in urban communities through grass roots and neighborhood organizations.

Jewish Life – Enhancing Jewish community, education and spirituality.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a letter of inquiry online. Please note that the foundation does focus funding efforts in Chicago, IL, but does fund in other states as well.

Andrew Family Foundation

Deadline: December 31, 2019

The Andrew Family Foundation Junior Board seeks to fund 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations whose purpose is focused on positively impacting the lives of youth. The board aspires to help people enrich their lives by providing opportunities for education in traditional academics and the arts. They also support programs that raise awareness about the importance of living sustainably and in harmony with the environment.

Preference is given to well-established organizations with five or more years of operating experience (unless a board member has familiarity with the organization) and organizations with a budget of less than $5 million. Grants must fund a specific purpose or project that will have a direct impact on the target population.

Interested applicants will be required to complete an eligibility quiz. Those that meet the requirements can submit the online Letter of Inquiry for consideration. Letters of inquiry are accepted at any time.

Funding is available nationwide.

Bucks County Foundation

Deadline: January 15, 2020

The Bucks County Foundation awards grants from their unrestricted funds bi-annually. Applicants must be tax-exempt, non-profit organizations, serving Bucks County and its residents. Grants are made only for non-sectarian purposes.
Organizations with budgets less than $500,000 may apply for an operating grant or a program grant. Organizations with budgets of $500,000 or more must apply for a program grant. Site visits will be made.
The Foundation does not fund the following:
a. Deficit financing/debt reduction
b. Political activities
c. Advertising publications
d. Religion
e. Umbrella funding organizations/pass through organizations
f. Research
Visits to the Foundation are STRONGLY discouraged. Applications should be received in the Foundation office no later than January 15th or July 15th for the Spring or Fall cycles.

Fed Ex

Deadline: January 31, 2020

The mission of the FedEx Social Responsibility department is to actively support the communities they serve.
Corporate resources include financial contributions, in-kind shipping services and coordination of volunteer services by their employees.
Requests are accepted year-round and generally are reviewed within three weeks of receipt. FedEx prefers to contribute to specific program needs rather than special events or capital campaigns.
FedEx is especially interested in supporting nonprofit organizations that request: 5% or less of a total project budget; contingency grants; or seed monies with the thought that other sources will contribute matching amounts. Organizations must show evidence of competent management, low administrative/fundraising expense ratios, and a nondiscriminatory program benefiting broad segments of the community.
In order for an application to be considered, it must be aligned with FedEx’s five pillars for strategic investment:
Delivering for Good
  • Lending our global network and unparalleled logistics expertise to organizations with mission-critical needs in times of disaster and to help communities heal, learn and thrive.
Sustainable Transportation
  • Scaling existing solutions and investing in new ideas to improve mobility, reduce congestion, and decrease pollution in communities around the world.
Employment Pathways
  • Connecting teens and young adults in underserved populations to skills and career training that lead to greater access to jobs and opportunity, especially in the fields of technology and logistics.
Road Safety
  • Leveraging FedEx’s safety expertise to reduce road crash fatalities by improving road conditions and educating drivers and pedestrians – especially child pedestrians – around the world.
Global Entrepreneurship
  • Advancing women and minority-owned small businesses globally through training and increased access to resources, capital and new markets.
In addition to commitment to these core areas, FedEx supports select education as well as local community projects identified by team members.
The next application window is January 1 – 31, 2020.

Van Ameringen Foundation

Deadline: February 3, 2020

Established in 1950, the van Ameringen Foundation supports innovative and practical programs that increase the accessibility of mental-health services for the poor and needy, provide preventive and early-intervention strategies, and/or advocate for systemic change.

To that end, the foundation welcomes Letters of Inquiry from organizations serving the five boroughs of New York City and/or the City of Philadelphia for the following grants programs:

Direct Service Grants — Grants of up to $75,000 per year over three years will be awarded in support of programs and projects that provide a direct service such as case management, assessment, counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric care, training, jobs, housing, and other supports to people confronting significant mental illness.

Non-Direct Service Grants — Grants of up to $250,000 per year for up to three years will be awarded in support of strategies that seek to create changes in the law, in public policy, or in the perceptions and practices of the public and private sectors responsible for improving mental health care, particularly in unserved or underserved communities; efforts that seek to share research findings, best practices, and knowledge related to improving the mental health safety net and system; and activities that provide learning and skill-building opportunities for mental health providers, advocates, people living with mental illness, policy makers, and family or community members who are seeking to deepen their understanding, knowledge, treatment, or social change efforts related to mental health issues.

To be eligible, applicants must be a nonprofit organization serving the five boroughs of New York City and/or the City of Philadelphia. The foundation does not currently support programs related to intellectual disability or physical disability. In addition, grants are not made for endowments, capital projects, annual fundraising drives, or in support of international activities and institutions. No grants in direct support of individuals are made by the foundation under any circumstances.

Letters of Inquiry must be received no later than February 3, 2020. Upon review, applicants will be invited to submit a full application.